Sunday, April 4, 2010

Infantry Platoon paint job.

One meltagunner for the special weapons squad of my Infantry Platoon.  The platoon should be done by tomorrow night.  That's going to leave a few vehicles, one Penal Legion squad and the Rough Riders.   I'm still at a slight mental empass for the Rough Riders.

The issue is as follows.  The "original" idea for this army a Tzeentch "flavored" prison break.  So, lots of Penal Legions, mutants and scum all in squads of 9, that sort of thing.  The Rough Riders were supposed to be riding Screamers.  I've got the Screamers - I just need the riders.  The original plan was to use Cadians (to match the Infantry Platoon) with some "chaos-ifying" from the Maruaders (my base for the Penal Legion).  Here's the problem - I don't have any more Cadians - and the arms from Marauders don't fit (Cadian chests are narrower).  So, I'm thinking picking up a box of Catachans - they should match....   But then, why buy something new, I've got enough Marauders to make it work - I could just "de-chaosify" them a little bit... less "desperado" more "wild bunch"....

Sigh.  The choices.  :)


  1. damn you got the colour sheme im looking for. please let me know what colours you used
    thx in advance

  2. I'll admit it. I cheat when it comes to painting these days. Besides having the wife to the heavy lifting when it comes to painting... Theses guys I so cheated on. Primed white, sprayed with Krylon "Periwinkle" (Satin Finish). They are then blacked on the boots, shoulder pads, and gloves; silver weapons; and fleshtone on the face. The model is then dipped... and done.

  3. I have a whole box of cadians still in the shrink wrap. Might save you from buying stuff.

  4. And I have a bag of catachan torsos and legs that might help as well. I have a sprue's worth of their heads and arms as well if you want them.

    Your cheating looks great btw.

  5. For such a simple paintjob, he's turned out excellent, I'm very envious!