Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Reinforcements have arrived!"

Hot D@mn that was fast! I (re) ordered my last two deff koptas from ebay on Thursday. They showed up on Saturday. That means my Orks are now at 2000 points. I think I may have solved the storage issues - more on that as it comes about. Once I get these last two deff kopta's built they get shipped off to the paint factory (I know, I know, I know). I'll get pictures of the completly built army before they go off.

Which brings me to my next project. I've been shamed/badgered/taunted into actually created, painting, and more importantly *finishing* a guard army. Current plan is a Chaos-y tainted guard.

Psyker Lord
Priest (his trusty sidekick)
9 Ratlings
9 Ogyrns
Psyker Battle squad (8+Overseer)
-Command: Autocannon and 2 GL
-Squad with Flamer
-Squad with Flamer
-Special weapons (2 melta and 1 demo)
-Special weapons (2 melta and 1 demo)
4x10 Penal Legion
9 Rough Riders
Bane Wolf


  1. I thought you painted them yourself?!? What's with shipping them off?

  2. I usually paint them myself. I've decided to call in a favor and have a friend of mine do it. :)