Friday, May 29, 2009

Kubla final thoughts... and a post mortum.

I'll point you to my friends blog Itinerant Geekdom for a blow by blow of his gaming weekend. He's a much better scribe of the day to day. I'll just say I had 12 (using his methodology of counting) *good* games. We're already planning on what to do for next year.

I may have gotten the wife interested in playing CardHa...errr, Battlefront :) - we'll see how that goes, maybe I can get a game or two in at a time other than Kubla.

Next years plans include a new pitch or two for BBCS, some tweaking on 40k for Pink Slips, Cardhammer, and then some funky 40k type thing. The babysitter option we had this year worked well (thanks sis!) and will probably take some minor tweaks for next year.

This week is down time, I did some building of a Necromunda gang... but really, not a lot of gaming related - just catching up on my sleep. :) I'm starting my new IG army next week/month and will have pictures and posts on it. The plan is to BBP this army (Buy, Build, and Paint) so I don't get overwhelmed with the paint job.


  1. You're very welcome. It was my (and the Princess') pleasure and we'll be happy to do it again next year (I already talked to the hubs)!

  2. Yes, the Blood Pact needs fodder for the Imperial guns. Welcome.

  3. You don't update very often, do you? :-)