Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Furioso! ... of Doom.

Plastic dreadnought kit, forgeworld close combat arms... slightly modified. The heavy flamer under the left claw is the standard plastic one, the meltagun under the right is the plastic stormbolter, shaved with the Reaver titan Inferno Gun "barrel" and a plastic MM canister from the speeders.

The paint job was done by "the wife" (that one's for you, Mom! :) ) in about 3 hours over two nights. I'm going to base and seal this bad boy this evening while she finishes the drop pod for it.

This, along with the "bigger-ized Marine," (and some termiantors I already have done) are for the "40k for Pink Slips" event I'm running at Kublacon over Memorial Day Weekend.


  1. Nice to see a fellow Blood Angels player! Awesome looking work there mate. You have a whole army done? Would be awesome to see your entire force.

  2. This is "just" a 200 point force for a "40k for Pink Slips" event (winner takes all tournament). I haven't had a BA army to field since... 2000? 2001?

  3. That is some amazing highlighting there! I think I'd go cross eyed if I tried that. My only critique is that within the red of the Xs, I can see the paint strokes. Red is very tough to get to cover black, just remember that many light coats are better than few thick coats.

    Hmm, now that I look closer I think it needs some other color. Basing it will help, something to break up its outline would make it more visually interesting.

    Oh and scribble on the purity seal and sarcophagus scroll with a micron pen! :)

  4. Scribbling was done post picture. Basing is almost done. Ballast, glue, and black paint over it is done. I should be able to brown it and flock it this evening. I'll try to get another picture this evening.