Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kubla, part 2

Remember how I said to expect random posts? Yeah, that would involve me actually taking pictures and stuff...

Anywho - quick rundown of events.

Friday night we did the Blood Bowl Championship series - "slightly" altered rules for each of the 12 pitches.

3 Hours of Sleep...

Saturday was a Rezolution - fun silly game, look it up if skirmish games interest you.

Saturday night was 40k For Pink Slips - Drop pod and Tau battlesuits got beat by Eldar Warwalkers and Firedragons in Wave Serpent. But had fun. Played a quick game of BattleFront while waiting for Round 3 to finish then played a few small games with friends using the slightly modified Pink Slips rules.

It's now just past 2am (couldn't sleep)... I'll post tomorow's stuff... ummm... tomorow. :)

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  1. I just wanted to thank you (& the wife, but I did that on her FB page) for trusting my not-so-little one and I with your little one. We were truly honored to be asked to take care of her, and I hope you two were able to not worry about her so you could have a good time this weekend. I love you, T!