Friday, April 15, 2011

This bomb (squig)'s for you....

Right.  So.  Bombsquigs in Bloodbowl you ask.  Here's the deal. 

For the Bloodbowl Champtionship Series tournament for Kublacon we've got a few new pitches.  Bretonnian Bowl, Hashut Bowl, Astartes Bowl, and Da Big Bowl.  There's some updates to some of the older Bowls, both for the rules and the graphics for the pitches.  I won't go into the first ones on that list quite yet, but... lemme give you a hint at the mad genius that is Corey when he's had his daily dose of coffee:

"Instead of using a ball, Da Big Bowl is played with one (or more) squigs. Players can only hold one squig at a time. A squig treated as a ball for all skills & rules, with the following exceptions:..."
Now, most of the time the squigs will be "regular" squigs... but one of the kick off tables will alter the type of squig - gnasher, kangaroo, or bomb. 

Bombsquigs were first because I had them.  I'm working on finding the other squigs now.

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