Thursday, April 14, 2011

Round up - questions, and oddities.

So, as I was sitting there last night, painting some bomb squigs for Blood Bowl (yes, you read that right... I'll get to it in a minute.... and yes, I was painting) I was thinking to myself.  What do I need to bring the orks to 2500 - in case I want to ever take them to a 'Ard Boyz style tournament.

I was thinking - the stream of thoughts went something like this:

hey, I like these models...
what if I added some Tankbusta's...
hmmm, I'd need to get them a battlewagon as well

What about lootas...?
no, they'd need a battlewagon too.

no, too slow.

also too slow.

So, when I finished the color I was working on (I'll put some pictures up tonight).  I moved from the painting table to the computer desk and picked up the Ork Codex to flip through... seeing if anything catches my attention.  Nothing really going here.  Nothing I can see that fits with the theme... unless I do the nobz/meganobz in a trukk...  So, that leads me to my question - What should I add to my Ork army that fits within the current theme:  Wazdakka, Shokk Attack Mek, unit of biker nobz, 4 units of biker boyz, 1 unit of 'ard boyz in a trukk, 2 units of 3 deff koptas, and a unit storm boyz.  Should I just increase the unit sizes?

So, bomb squigs.  For Blood Bowl.  Yeah.

What, you wanted more?  Tough.  I'll do some fill in when I post the pictures - happy?


  1. Tankbustas in a looted wagon or battle wagon.

  2. Ahhh last post didn't post ok, so I personally would go witht he units of warbikes as I like tons of troops, but I would also suggest a unit of Nobs in a battlewagon. That way you have a good strong tank with fire support that can disgorge a strong Clost Combat Squad. Now are you going to paint these or do you have to send them to jason?