Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Does it count as a real game?

So, my wife and friend have been colluding behind my back - something about me not getting enough game time in.  Add to that, said friend's wife just had their second child, so he's a little home bound for a while.  Add to that, he just got the newest expansion for Battleground - the Romans.... 

I've played 2 games via powerpoint and gmail chat.  The games look something like this:

I take my turn, moving the objects that are the cards (all to the correct scale), and drawing arrows for the shooting where needed.  I send him the power point file, he opens up we resolve the combats, he marks damages, flips cards around when they run (and do those smashing arrows) then does the "X" if they died for one reason or another. then takes his turn.  Copying the slide to a new one and making the changes.  I roll dice on my end, he rolls dice on his end.  Snarky comments ensue.  Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

So, a 2000 point game which normally would take no more than 1.5 hours takes 3-4 (usually over 2 evenings)... but I ask the question, does this count as a game?  :)


  1. I'll be trying this out some time soon. Either with Corey or you. I don't have Power Point but I have the Open Office version.

  2. Yes. And, how awesome is technology that you can do that!!!

  3. Hey D. the funny part is the technology we're using is essentially 10-15 years old. Which is the frustrating part. If google docs had a slideshow program half as sophisticated as PP we'd be able to do it in real time.

  4. The funny part is deployment takes like 45 minutes. It's because each is a unit of guys. So he sets up one unit then I set up one unit. Which means a lot of emailing back and forth. We could skip it, but forcing your opponent to set up like half his cards first is the special ability of one army.

  5. Prison hammer play by post, electronic version! :)