Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How I spent my last month...

Wife, kids, house, you know - the usual stuff.

I got a few games of Bloodbowl in with my Dwarf team (we're doing a 1.1M resurrection "tournament").  Game one was a grind against another Dwarf team.  Ended up as a 1-1 tie.  Game two was a win against a Vampire Count, 2-0.  He just couldn't catch a break...

Built a Deathstrike..... mmmmm, Deathstrike.

Other than that - not a lot of gaming stuff going on this month.  Second annual Geek Weekend is coming up - so that'll be fun...


  1. What's the goal for number of games this year? 15?

  2. Hey, did you still want the spare skaven I have. Turn them into a skaven team / ebay special?

    The Deathstrike looks ok, but the nosecones look a little sketchy to me. How are the Manticore rockets?

  3. 15 sounds good.

    The deathstrike missile uses 4 of the manticore rocket halves. And yes, I'll take your skaven. If you don't want to ship them to me before then, I can pick them up in August when I'm on the West Side.