Monday, June 27, 2011

Pictures from my game yesterday.

Setup left:

Setup right:

Well, not setup, per se...  more "first turn".  Kill Points, Dawn of War.  2000 points. 

Wazdakka, Mek with Shokk Attack Gun, Biker Nobz (kitted), 4 units of biker boyz, 'Ard boyz in a truck and 2 units of deff koptas.

Blood Angels (from memory): Librarian, Sanguinary Priest, 10 Assault marines (mmm, 3 KP's), 10 Death Company, Furioso Dread, 5 TH/SS Terminators, two 5-man tactical squads in lascannon razorbacks, 2 kitted storm raven's, and 2 MM speeders.

I went first, he held held the lib/sp/as uber-squad and the speeder's in reserve.  Terminators and dread were in one storm raven, death company was in the other.  It became a slug fest very quickly.  He had more kill points to give up than I did - so, really - I had to just not die outright.  :)  I started off by getting wazdakka and a biker squad stuck in with the storm raven on the left (death companies ride), taking it out with wazdakka - before being gang-punched by the death company, the dreadnought, and the assault terminators.  Wazdakka *almost* survived the blood talons.  Which would have defiantly altered the game a wee bit.

From there it turned into a boxing match, he'd drop something, I'd drop something.  At the end of turn 5 I was up by 3 KP - with 3 units left on the board. Turn 6 he shot the one remaining biker boy nob, killing him; shot and killed one of the 3 deff koptas, which broke and ran off the table... only because my one unit of biker boyz stayed out of charge range of his terminators did I manage to pull it off.

Since we're "practicing" for OFCC in August, we spent the whole game talking about choices, options - could haves, would haves, etc.  It was fun.

Oh, and one more picture - what 2 rounds of combat with biker nobz and a biker squad vs. 10 assault marines, a librarian, and a sanguinary priest look like.

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  1. That last picture is so awesome. The bikes look so badass.