Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tournament - Game 2

Setup for Game 2 - it was a beautifully painted Sons of Orar army.  Led by Pedro and Lysander.  Notes to remember, 6 Assault Terminators with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shield, with Lysander, with Pedro within 12"... will take a Dread Knight apart in one round.

The mission was called "Rocket Man" - also from the Adepticon CD - 5 objectives that starting on turn 2 would rocket into space on a 5+.  If a scoring unit was holding it at the time it rocketed you had the objective and it wouldn't come down again.  If a non-scoring unit was holding it, or no one was holding it, it would rocket up by itself and no one could claim.  If you rolled the 5+ and there were two scoring units contesting, it would explode.  I ended up wiping him off the board - except for one SternGuard and a slightly wounded Pedro Kantor.

Another fun game with another fun opponent.

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