Monday, April 23, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Build pictures of the new.. newness.

I give you the "Ark Angel of the Aporkalypse" - also known as "Astorath the Grim".  What, you want more pictures?

Here it's a size comparison between AA and a Stormboy (aka - Assault Marine).

Three pictures of the Deff Company:

Two pictures of the Proffet of the Aporkalypse (aka a Librarian Dreadnought)

A Painboy (Sanguinary Priest):

And last, but not least - two pictures from the two units of Stormboyz (Assault Marines)

Not pictured is the Kill Blasta (Baal Predator) - cause I haven't finished building it yet.  I'm using a modified Scrap tank from Ramshackle Games - picture of their model can be found here.

At this point it's a 1500 point list, using the BA codex, consisting of Astorath, the Libby Dread in drop pod, a Sang Priest, 8 Death Company (2 power fists, one hand flamer and power weapons), 2 units of 10 Assault Marines (power fist 2 plasma pistols each), and a Baal Predator.  They're going to be painted in "stock BA colors" so there's... less confusion for opponents.

The idea for the army came from a fever induced dream... or maybe from listening to podcasts... one of the two.  Ok, so it was a podcast - the gist of the podcast bit was someone talking about his Ork army, using stormboyz, but not Boss Zagstruck - because although his assaulting from deep strike was cool, because you didn't have any way to control his landing, it didn't usually work for him, and if he had something like the Descent of Angels rule, he's use him more.

I thought, why not use Orks as Blood Angels - everything has to be fast or deepstrike.  Check.  Nothing too specifically BA (no Blood Talons, Blood Lance, etc).  Check.  Libby dread has "Shield of Sanguinius" and "Unleash Rage"... or in Orky terms, a malfunctioning Kustom Force Field and... well, they're Orks.

Have I gone too far?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tournament - Game 3

King of the Hill (building).  Do you see what's in the middle of that building?  In case you can't quite make it out - it's 10 Assault Terminators.  Remember what I said yesterday about 6 Terminators with Pedro... yeah.  It's 10.  Got wiped out to the man (ghost?).

Another fun game with a fun opponent.  I think I might have had a better chance if I had put everything on the board instead of reserving everything - but it's still fun to do.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tournament - Game 2

Setup for Game 2 - it was a beautifully painted Sons of Orar army.  Led by Pedro and Lysander.  Notes to remember, 6 Assault Terminators with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shield, with Lysander, with Pedro within 12"... will take a Dread Knight apart in one round.

The mission was called "Rocket Man" - also from the Adepticon CD - 5 objectives that starting on turn 2 would rocket into space on a 5+.  If a scoring unit was holding it at the time it rocketed you had the objective and it wouldn't come down again.  If a non-scoring unit was holding it, or no one was holding it, it would rocket up by itself and no one could claim.  If you rolled the 5+ and there were two scoring units contesting, it would explode.  I ended up wiping him off the board - except for one SternGuard and a slightly wounded Pedro Kantor.

Another fun game with another fun opponent.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tournament - Game 1

This is about turn 2 of game 1.  It was verses a Duke led Dark Eldar "Venom Spam "list.  We were using one of the missions from the Adepticon CD collection where you had 8 tokens that you had to go get and bring back to a depot.  Reserves betrayed me here, I was coming in too piecemeal.  I would have a unit drop in, wipe out one of his units and then his army would turn on that unit and wipe it out.  Lather / Rinse / Repeat.  Fun game vs. a fun opponent.