Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kommissar Lord

Finally got a little bit of free time to start building the IG Allies for the Descent of Orks list.  It's a Kommissar Lord (Bolt Pistol &  CCW, Melta Bombs).  Veteran Squad (Demolitions, 1 Flamer, 2 Plasma gun, 4 Shotguns, and a Heavy Bolter team, Sgt. with a shotgun), with a Vendetta squadron... yeah, I know - the list is the generic IG allies build #1a... deal with it - the visual works.

Below is the picture of the Kommissar Lord.

Waiting for some more Kromlech bitz (the shotguns), but I should be able to get legs and bodies down for the boyz.

Once those are done - it's on to the Vendetta's....

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