Monday, November 11, 2013

Amazon's game 1, 2, and 3..

We've started our new season at the Friendly (not-so) Local Gaming Store.  We decided to start it at 1.1m, and 1 free FF for painted teams.
Game 1 vs. Dwarfs (Dwarves?).  4-0 win.  Only casualty received was a Miss Next Game for the Thrower "8-Ball".

Game 2 vs. Lizardmen.  4-1 win.  This picture was from his first - before my first turn.  How is that I have the ball halfway down the sideline you ask?  Well - you can see his line setup and the wedge formation be put the skinks in.  I picked up "Kick" for the line woman after first game, put it 4 squares in diagonally from the left side, and rolled a "Blitz" for the kick-off table.  I actually scored on my first turn.

Game 3 vs. Pro Elfs (Elves?).  4-2 win.  By the end of the game, I had 1 line woman in the casualty box... he had 6.  Only 3 scored me SPP... one was "Pebbles N. SlamBam" (appropriately enough) introducing the back of her boot to a catcher's head... honest ref, she tripped. 

So, after the first three games, I'm sitting with 1,390,000gp value, 20k in the bank, 16 players on the roster (one will miss next game), 13 of the ladies have SPP; and both catchers, 1 blitzer, 1 thrower, and 1 line woman have advancements.

Now, I just need to paint them...

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