Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ork Biker Nob Army...

(aka, "ouch, ouch, oof, ouch")

Played a game this weekend against one of the guys down at the F(not so)LGS. 1500 points. Ork biker nobz (2x8 biker nobz with all upgrades, 2x ork warboss on bike, 1X29 grots) vs Undead Eldar (Avatar, 2x10 wraithguard, 1x5 wraithguard, 5 dark reapers, 2 warwalkers). It was fun, enligtening, and reasonably painful (and yes, it was setup several weeks ago for him to see how that list would run).

I did manage to last 4 turns before being wiped of the board. I did kill enough grots on my first turn of shooting to make him run off the the board, and he did kill one of his own bikers assaulting into cover. Other than that - there wasn't a lot of casualties on the ork side. Armour Save, Cover Save, Invulnerable Save plus a Feel No Pain. Now, granted he was making those Inv and Cover saves like a mad-man... but that's still a very "ouchie" list.


  1. And you volunteered to fight that? -shudder-

  2. "Recon" - from the Latin of "taking a bullet so your friends don't have to" :)