Friday, June 19, 2009

Green Yeld

Here's the deal, I picked up this guy off ebay shipped for like $5 minus the wings. Dig through bitz box of doom... find closest thing I can find to the Yeld wings, add a little greenstuff to cover the fleur de lis, et voila!

One "Green Hunter" Yeld. Wing power-ups haven't kicked in yet. :)

Planning on painting it up this weekend... more pictures to come.


  1. Do you need some Malcadons? They are yours if you play Necromunda with OpFor at KublaCon next year.

  2. Huh, that doesn't look half bad! Well done, and the base really finishes it off.

  3. You should add those "interesting, cool, funny" buttons like I have. Sometimes, I just want to give you kudos for a good post or cool photos... :) Chaeli wants to know if you'll help her paint her minis she got at KUBLA?