Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dark Elf Bloodbowl, game 2

...and it was good.

Got my second game in this last weekend with the Dark Elfs (Elves?).  Beat the Undead team 3-1.  Got two guys to level up, earned enough (with my Treasury) to replace a Witch Elf and pick up an Apothecary.  Fan factor went up again.  I didn't do anything to him casualty wise.  He did some damage to himself.  I had one badly hurt Lineman, and 2 that were ejected for fouling.  Other than that, a reasonably low impact game.

The wife is going to have a sewing party on next Sunday, so I get to go back out and play again next week.  Hoping to get at least two games of BB in.  Maybe they'll be painted...  :)

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