Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a long strange trip it's been...

Or, how I spent most of my summer:  Famliy stuff.  :)

I did get to play in the OFCC tournament, went 3-2... had a blast.  Started plotting new armies and can't quite get my head wrapped around it to actually do something.. not sure why.  My friend RC thinks it's boredom.  I dunno...

So, to that I decided I was going to do a new Blood Bowl team.  I've been looking at the gaspez-arts "Frogmen" team for a while, and I finally decided to just do it.  I ordered them on August 30th, and they showed up 8 days later - which is not bad, especially since they were coming from Europe and there was a 3-day weekend holiday in there.

My daughter has decided that she needs to open up the package.

The package was well packed, and all pieces came in one plastic container.

After some sorting, here's what it looks like:

The bases are very much like GW's slotta bases... only brown.

The models themselves?  At first glance they're some nice clean models.  They were quite a bit bigger than I was expecting though.  Here's a size comparison with a GW Bloodbowl model:

Most of the pieces are one piece, there's a few who have legs (mmmmm, frog legs) and arms as separate bitz.  The fit seems to be pretty good - I'll get some pictures after I get them washed and built.  One of the models I picked up was the coach - I was hoping it would have been a bit bigger so I could use it as a Kroxigor if I wanted to.... nope, it's the same "size" as the other frogs

So, overall.  The models look much gooder than I was expecting.  The shipping wasn't unreasonable for cost - and it was fast (I've had ebay auctions from across the state take longer to ship to me).  And, they sent me a football and a freebie mini:

I can do a necro team, right?

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  1. Sure why not?

    And I've been feeling a similar malaise, so maybe there's something in the air.