Friday, October 1, 2010

More Gaspez-Arts goodness

First up, here's a screen cap of the model in question (blatantly stolen from their website here:

First of all, the model is beautiful.  It was a dream to go together.  The body is one piece.   Then there's a head (one of two to choose from), the hands, the tail, and the dangly bits on the forearms.  What makes it *really* nice to put together is the hands.  See the things it's holding on to?  Here, I'll give you a close up of mine after building it, see if you can see it:

The forearm and armour is one piece (attached to the body).  The hand, *and strap* is one piece.  There's a little notch on the ends of the strap that fit into divots on the armour bit, effectively locking it in place.  It means the glue can connect the hand bit on three sides - no need to pin a hand down.

Anyway, I just have to say I really am liking their stuff more and more for Bloodbowl... *ahem*, excuse me - "Fantasy Football"  :).  This model took a little bit longer to get here than the other stuff, but they also threw in a "Elfo Selvaggio di linea 1" (Google translates that to "Wild Elf line 1" - which looks a lot to me like a Wood Elf Lineman...).

Anyway.  After next weekend (my fourth anniversary and semi-annual trip into the barren lands of Southern Oregon) my weekends should start to relax a little on the "planned events".  That means I should be able to get some games in, and the wife should be able to start putting some color down on these Frogs.  Pictures will follow, I promise.


  1. What the heck are you going to do in the valley? Figure looks really nice, even if it is a frog.