Monday, October 18, 2010

Pesky Humans...

Finally got a game in with the new Slaan team yesterday.  Played against a Human team.  At 1m, I have to keep the team "light" - so it was 8 Linemen, 3 Bllitzers, and 1 Catcher.  He had 4 Blitzers, 2 Catcher, 1 Thrower, 1 Ogre, and 3 Lineman. 

He was definitely going for a "plan B" mentality (that would be B for Beating).  I was able to score early in the first half and then he got away from me at the end of the half and scored.  During the second half I was able to score twice on him. 

Can't wait till these guys get all painted and I can get a few more games in with them... :)

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  1. So we'll put your on Astartes Bowl vs Manny: models can leap their full Move and then use the Leap rules for GFI. Models already with Leap will reroll the Agi roll.