Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's been a long days night.

So, at the end of three good games, team BFG (Beardy Fat Gits), went 3-0 to win overall.

Tye was on team short bus on game 1, only managing to kill one wounded bloodcrusher with his exploding Damocles. MVP was Wazdakka with his sniper dakkacannon, took a leman russ out on the first turn.

Game 2 was fun. Necrons and Ultramarines... Calgar was a tough nut to crack. Wazdakka hurt himself a lot while trying to Dukes of Hazard over a hill...

Game 3 was odd. Fun game.

It was good to get some games in. Tye and I walked away with some in store credit.

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