Sunday, January 22, 2012

2 games at 1000 pts

First game was against Imperial Guard.  Had a bad deep strike with a unit of Terminators (that's 270 points out of a 1000) that ended up on the ass-end of the board (battle was happening mostly my right side, they were re-directed to the back left corner.  2 Turns of moving and running later, I got one shot off at a Chimera.  Loss for me.

Game two was against some marines.  There was a "clarification error" about the mission (I happened to be playing the guy who wrote the mission), so the unit holding the football, came in from outflank and then went off the board to get the primary objective.  Other than that, it was a slug-fest (no pictures of that one, sorry).

I think I'm done with my 1000 pointers, on to the 1250.. hmmmm, what to add, what to add..

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