Monday, February 6, 2012

two more games - this time at 1250

Game 1 - My semi-regular beat-down of the grot revolution.  This time with two 10-man grots riding in heavy support battle wagons, two 5-man Nobs in battlewagons, a mek and a warboss.  Here's a picture of Draigo's ghosts walking away from the slaying of the warbosses nob squad, leaving the squad to take care of the mek.  Let's say it went down hill from him from there.  :)

Setup of Game 2.  While I nearly wiped him off the board, the mission was a little weird and I ended up loosing the primary, tied the secondary, and won the tertiary.  The pink arm in the bottom left was my assistant during the game.  :)

On the painting side, I did find the base color for the knights - so I should have some pictures off some progression on the paint here within the next week or so.

Also, I should have a picture of the new army build up this week.

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