Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1-0 with 6th edition... so far

Played a quick and dirty game of 6th with my Eldar vs. a Dante-led Descent of Angels list.  I say DoA - but... it's not really possible anymore.  It was Dante, Librarian Dread, Furioso Dread, Sang Priest x2, 4x5 Sang Guard, and 2 Storm Ravens.  We played the "Heavy can hold" mission on the deployment zone where you start on the short sides.

It was interesting.  We know we did lots wrong (oddly enough, not much wrong in wound allocation).

I'm not too worried about getting 6th down till after OFCC first weekend in August.


  1. How did you run the sanguinary guard's power weapons?

  2. As AP3 "other" power weapons