Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Follow-up to Geek Weekend (tm)

All and all, one of the stranger Geek Weekends.  It all started at 5:45am on Friday when I showed up to the grand Walla Walla Airport for one of the two flights to Seattle; only to find out it was cancelled.  The afternoon/evening flight from the night before had some mechanical issues and only made it as far as Yakima before they had to put down.  Quick trip home, time spent with the kids, and back to the airport for the noon flight.  I landed at 7pm, had some dinner, and then started in on the games.

Went to sleep around 2am (this will be a running theme for the weekend)... and got up to go see the new batman movie.

Back to the Palace of Geekdom, more games.  We went to Game Kastle, back to the house for even more games.  There was some strangeness with one of our friends involving his family...

Up way too late playing Battlestar Gallactica.  Up too early for more gaming on Sunday, up way too late on Sunday, up again on Monday morning, two more games in before lunch and the flight home.

I believe there will be no gaming updates for a little bit - OFCC is next weekend and then I'm off for Europe for two weeks for work... there may be some random travel updates if anyone is interested.

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