Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And miles to go before.... wait, what?

Nine days before the departure for KublaCon, let's see where we stand, shall we?

2000pt Imperial Guard Army - Done.  I need to do something for the squad markings on the Penal Legions - cause right now, only the bottom of the bases are differentiated and I can't tell you which one's the Custodian.

Custom Blood Bowl pitches have been re-re-redone (again), and are at the print shop to be printed.

Rezolution Crew is still in it's AT tray.

Battleground "army" is in it's holder.

Corey's Chimera's are done, painted, and in his possession.... they're not quite right on the color scheme, but that happens when you're trying to match paint from a picture.  It can be fixed post Kubla.

Corey's Vendetta's are built - I'm still wrapping my brain around the bases and flight stands for them - but they're playable. 

I will try and get some "family photos" of the army up this week.  Depends on how the munchkins' are doing.

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  1. I'm still trying to figure how I'm going to get my tanks to the con...poor planning on my army selection.