Monday, May 31, 2010

Waiting for the shuttle...

Another Kubla down.... And I'm.... Beat.

Only 11 games played this year, but 11 good games. And I'll take quality over quantity any day. Friday night was the ever popular BBCS - we had 10 players for the first two rounds, and then down to 6 (Friday night flea market).
Lesson learned - start earlier.

Saturday was Prisonhamm... errr, Battleground. 8 players played 3 rounds.
Lessons learned - thoughts to de-complicate the campaign-a-ment 

Saturday evening was some quality wife time in the human soup pot (hot tub), and then off to assist the Rez event. I got to play the zombies. I also was able to help the mini's coordinator to play a game of bloodbowl using one of the BBCS pitches and rules.

Sunday was the 40k event. It was more popular than expected and we were told it wasn't wacky enough.
 Lesson learned - more wackyness.

Sunday night was a pickup game of BSG. I played Cain, cylon from the beginning, I was able to blind jump, and was airlocked for it. :).
Lesson learned - I still love that game.

Monday was cleanup, pack up, etc.

I think the wife and children will pass out in the airplane on the way home tonite.

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