Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oye, where does the time go...

My good friend Manny posted this about his day: yesterday.  To which my friend Corey (all the "deleted responses" to Manny's posts...) spent a good hour or so this morning chiding me over IM.  It included the following nugget:

Trenty-poo, you can have whatever you want... ;)  I wouldn't want to hurt your delicate sensibilities and drive you to another whiny blog, so my fuzzy-wuzz-wookieman can whatever he likes...

Corey - consider this the whiny blog post.  :)

Right.  All my tanks are done excecpt for about the back half of the repaint for the demolisher.  What, it was already painted?  I know, it just didn't match the final paint job on the rest of the army, so it had to go in for a respray.

Corey's tanks are built, primed, base-coated and detail started (thank you to the wife).  And his Vendetta #1 is 95% built, and #2 is about 20% built.

Life is adjusting to two rugrats running around.  #2 sleeps (like, I think she slept more in the first two days than #1 slept in the first week)... #1's jealousy issues have just started to surface - for the first two weeks it was very much "I wanna hold baby sister."  We'll work through that.  I think I'm going to take a run to tri-cities tomorrow with #1 in the afternoon (assuming the boss okay's it).  Give mama a little quiet time and maybe, just maybe she'll decide she needs a nap again (going on two weeks now without naps).  Sorry, gaming blog.

I picked up a set of the pre-cut trays from battlefoam for the guard army.  I'm still not 100% sure they're... good (no, not the right word).  The first order from battlefoam was a custom piece I had them do sometime last year (before they started offering their own bags).  It was supposed to be for Sabol's Army Transport - it was about 1/4" too wide on the long side and 1/2" too wide on the short ends.  The foam was nice, don't get me wrong, it still fit in the bag fine - just had to compress it a little - I just think for a "precision laser cut foam insert" the tolerances could have been a little tighter.  And yes, I know, they would have done it again if it was wrong.  These new trays are the precut sabol trays for infantry, that hold 40.  For $10 that's a decent deal.  The holes are nice for guardsmen, not sure marines would have really fit in there (they do make one with larger pre-cuts that will hold 27 I think)... but the tray size was again, a little off.

I think the next trays I'm going to get for my sabol cases will be the precut sabol trays.  Same price as the pull and pluck, hold 36 infantry and 2" thick so I can stand the guys up.


  1. Trent, I didn't spend an hour chiding. I spend only about 10-20 minutes a day or so. It's part of my morning ritual: get coffee, read the NY Times, give Trent shit.

    Oh and Manny says he didn't delete the messages. Don't know if I believe the whiny little bitch.

  2. Well, you can believe it. They were deleted when I first saw the comments.

    And I told you, I would have laughed about it, no matter what you said.

    Stop thinking so cynically, you big sissy!

  3. All of you are whiny bitches... Looking forward to seeing you soon, though, boys!!

  4. I am not a whiny bitch! Am not, am not, am not!