Monday, February 7, 2011

Frog Lovin'

Got the frog's dipped last night.  Had to try a different color of dip - I couldn't find "American Walnut" in the waterbased (my preferred color).  I had tried "English Oak" in the past, but it was a little too gray.  The only thing I could find close was "Vermont Maple."  Turns out, Minwax is switching to a paint-counter mixed product for their water-based products...   or, I should say they have switched and it's just a matter of finding what I want in the product line that stores still have.  I guess I'll have to do some research on the new color lines to see how well they match the old colors.

Anywho - on to the paint jobs.  This is for my Slaan team.  All of these models are from the Gaspez Arts "Frog Men" team - and can be see here.

First up, is the coach.

Next up,my Kroxigor.



.. and last, but not least - the Catcher.

So, I've got 1 coach, 1 Kroxigor, 8 Linefrogs, 4 Blitzers, and 4 Catchers.  I was hoping to get them numbers, grassed, and sealed this evening - but my oldest daughter had other ideas...

Who's up for some bloodbowl?

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