Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two more games in today... (no pics)

First one was a Slaan on Undead game of Bloodbowl.  At the half I was up 2-0, and only two casualties down.. :)  He had to leave about halfway through the second half, but he was able to get one score in - he didn't have enough to pull a second TD though.

Second game was a re-match against the grot revolutionary committee.  This time it was a Dawn of War with two objectives.  I was able to avoid the grot-zukka laden killa-kans and deff rolla, sneak around the side, beat down on the grots holding onto one objective (surrounded by other non-troops to contest) while barely (like within .0001") holding on to my objective.  Highlights include rolling snake-eyes for my first shot of the game with the mek's shokk attack gun - which, if you're not familiar with the SAG is the following:
Boom: The shokk attack gun explodes, leaving a crackling orb of unreality in its place.  No shot is fired.  Remove the Mek as a casualty.  Models within D6" are removed from play.

Only because the mek was on an upper level of the building did the resulting explosion not take out Wazdakka, a Nob, and a biker...

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