Saturday, February 5, 2011

Deathwatch Project. Tech Marine Legs.

I still need to clean them up a little bit - but I'm thinking I like this one.

I was pondering a few ideas while I was driving home the other day - the original plan was to have the two Sgt's on the troop choices be DW and then their squads would be from that chapter...  But I was thinking - what about making the scouts be from the more feral, *ahem* Viking-esque chapters?

It started with just making the sgt a Space Wolf scout - but then what to do for the troopers?  Model them as Inquisitorial Storm Troopers?  All SW's? Crimson Fists? (army is led by Kantor) something else?  That's when I started thinking about it - there's got to be other chapters that don't have scouts starting off...right?



  1. Trent, What exactley are you trying to sculpt on him because if you want some help let me know as I think your trying to shape your gs too soon after application. Once you have it formed wait 20 minutes before working on it. Also are you using clay shappers as they help A TON!!!!

  2. At this point, it's just bulking up the leg armo(u)r.