Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday's game report

Sunday I played catch-up for one of the league guys - giving him his 750 point game.  It was against a nicely done Space Marine army.  From memory - Librarian, scout squad of 5 (sniper and heavy bolter), 5 scouts in a storm, land raider, and a tactical squad... I think.  The battle was a little of a blur... let's just say the dice and I had a falling out.  :)

Second game was a 1000 pointer against a mirror'd net list (no offense there Clayton...).  2x Daemon Princes with Mark of Slaanesh, wings, and Lash of Submission, 2x5 Plague Marines in Rhino's with 2 plasma guns each, and 2 defilers built for close combat.  Wazdakka, Big Mek, 4 squads of bikers (4 + power claw, 3 + 'uge choppa, 3 + 'uge choppa, and 2 + power klaw), 2 rokkit deff koptas and 2 kustom mega blastas).

It was Dawn of War with 2 objectives.  We both started all off the board, I turbo-boosted everything on first turn, knowing that I would be taking the lash and 2 battle cannon shots on the first turn.  I concentrated on the daemon princes first turn, then the defilers, then the plague marines.  In email discussion several hours after the battle - I'm told Wazdakka took a defiler fist to the head after taking two wounds killing a daemon prince (which would be insta-death), but I don't remember it... 

At worst it would have delayed the inevitable (see the pictures below) - but Clayton says he wants a rematch.

Right.  On to the pictures.

This would be while he was taking his first turn.  All of that is turbo boosted orks (except for the mek).

Ork's eye view of the battle

After the 4th turn...

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