Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wazdakka's battles from today...

"Skabgrod, yous goes dat way, Skumgrot stick whiff me. We's gunna show dees beakies a thing about krumpin on bikez!"

So, we're doing an escalation league at the F(ns)LGS.  Starting at 500 pts, then adding 250 points per two week - ending at 1500.  This was today's battles.  At 500 points, I've got Wazdakka, 2 units of biker boyz (3) with a nob (one power klaw and one 'uge choppa) and a rokkit deff kopta.

Game 0 was a intra team BFG biker fight. Tye and I played a game, and a "lucky" shot took out his bike squad, and immobilized his vindicator (facing the wrong way to hit me). When his captain on a bike tried to catch Wazdakka's power fist... Well, the word "splat" comes to mind. :)

Game 1 was Annihilation with spearhead deployment against the Tyco's Blood Ravens. There was lots of damaging vehicles, but not a lot of destroying vehicles. Tyco managed to wound Wazdakka and kill all the bikerz, to my destroying his predator, killing the librarian, and taking all the weapons off his vindicator and rhino... 2-2 kill points. Tie.

After a hearty meal of meat and bread, I had a Capture and Control, Spearhead against Carl's Marines. I was able to dispatch his tech marine in reasonably short order, the scouts and marines took a little longer, but his Rhino.... his Rhino survived against three turns of shooting and combat from a deff kopta and a bikerz squad led by a nob with a 'uge choppa... and two turns of Wazdakka's special sauce. And then, just barely getting the required "5" to destroy it (lots of 1's and 2's for damage results). Win for da boyz.

"Aye, yous lot! Yur whiff us next time. Gobstuf telz me he's got sumfin new to show me!"

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