Friday, January 28, 2011

The Deathwatch Project

So, maybe it was from re-reading the Deathwatch book from Fantasy Flight Games.  Maybe it was a something that been running around my head for a while.... I dunno.  Anyway, I have this idea for a full Deathwatch army running around in my head.  I'm trying to see it as a building project.  The 2000 point list is (currently):
Master of the Forge with a Conversion Beamer and Thunderhammer
7 Sternguard w 2/meltas in a drop pod
7 Sternguard w 2/missiles in a drop pod
8 Sternguard w 2/multimeltas in a drop pod
10 Scouts with snipers, camo cloaks, and heavy bolter
10 Tactical Marines, missle, plasma n a drop pod
5 Vanguard, kitted for combat
and a Thunderfire Cannon... wait for it.. in a drop pod.

There's no plan for a tournament, no deadline - just building things when the mood/inspiration strikes.  To that end.  I give you some of the first WIP shots of the Master of the Forge.

I've been pondering the paint scheme.  Deathwatch marines are supposed to be all black, except for the silver of the right arm, and the shoulder pad of the marine's host chapter on the left side.  I've been pondering that - I think I came up with a paint scheme that I like, and that I can get my wife to do for me.  :)

Current plan is right arm black, silver DW shoulderpad, and then paint the rest of the armor in the chapter colors.  That's for the Sternguard, Vanguard, Techmarines, Kantor, and the sgt's.  The two squads will be all painted the chapter of the sgt. that leads them.

I'll post pictures randomly as I'm working on things.

I promise.

No, really - I will.

Anyway, I'll be bringing 1000 points of Wazdakka for the escalation this sunday.... So, I should have some pictures and battles.

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