Friday, January 14, 2011

Pictures of the "horde"

First up.  The big Ork himself.

Next is the Mek with 'eavy armour, cybork body, shokk attack gun.

Next are the two nobs, one with the power klaw and one with the 'uge choppa.

And lastly are the dekk koptas - kustom mega blasta and rokkit launcha.

This weekend we go to 750 points.  Which consists of Wazdakka, the big mek, 4 deff koptas (two of each kit out), and 9 warbikers (those two nobs and 7 boyz split between them).  I need to repair the nob with the power klaw's model - he's supposed to have a boss pole - but it broke last time I played.  I also need to get the deff koptas onto flying stands - I'm going to use Back2Base-IX's magnetic flying stands (really cool if you haven't seen them - go look here.)

For 1000 points (last weekend of January), the biker count increases (adding a third unit).  I'm not going to base them till I've got the whole army in my hands... then I need to figure out how to transport them - those GF9 magnetic bases don't really fit in Army Transport foam well (even custom laser cut ones)... I might have to branch out for this one.  :)  I did see this the other day, that gives me some ideas - I might have to use BF's tray creator to see if the GW trays will work better for me.


  1. Cool stuff mate, always enjoy looking at painted orks. The bikerboss from FW is a beast, just thinking about painting it makes me tired!

  2. Is this the Army Jason painted for you?