Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two more games in today... (no pics)

First one was a Slaan on Undead game of Bloodbowl.  At the half I was up 2-0, and only two casualties down.. :)  He had to leave about halfway through the second half, but he was able to get one score in - he didn't have enough to pull a second TD though.

Second game was a re-match against the grot revolutionary committee.  This time it was a Dawn of War with two objectives.  I was able to avoid the grot-zukka laden killa-kans and deff rolla, sneak around the side, beat down on the grots holding onto one objective (surrounded by other non-troops to contest) while barely (like within .0001") holding on to my objective.  Highlights include rolling snake-eyes for my first shot of the game with the mek's shokk attack gun - which, if you're not familiar with the SAG is the following:
Boom: The shokk attack gun explodes, leaving a crackling orb of unreality in its place.  No shot is fired.  Remove the Mek as a casualty.  Models within D6" are removed from play.

Only because the mek was on an upper level of the building did the resulting explosion not take out Wazdakka, a Nob, and a biker...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Project Deathwatch: Master of the Forge

One Master of the Forge.  Artificer Armour, Conversion Beamer, Thunder Hammer.

Now, before you say something - I know it's a renegade heavy plasma gun, and yes the helmet is a chaos space marine helmet.  But there's something about it that works for me.  The left shoulder pad is one of the Dark Angel Deathwatch ones, which makes the paint scheme a little easier - he'll be one of the Unforgiven...  Still working on the details of the army paint scheme.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

When the dice gods say "no..."

Played my 1250 game against the rebel grot army (2 big meks with KFF, 20 grots with minder, 10 grots with minder, 2 deff dreads,, 2 mobs of three kans, and a deff rolla delivery system).

Kill points, he stole the initiative... It went downhill from there. Game ended 8-2, with the only thing left of mine was a trukk. A trukk!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Frog Lovin'

Got the frog's dipped last night.  Had to try a different color of dip - I couldn't find "American Walnut" in the waterbased (my preferred color).  I had tried "English Oak" in the past, but it was a little too gray.  The only thing I could find close was "Vermont Maple."  Turns out, Minwax is switching to a paint-counter mixed product for their water-based products...   or, I should say they have switched and it's just a matter of finding what I want in the product line that stores still have.  I guess I'll have to do some research on the new color lines to see how well they match the old colors.

Anywho - on to the paint jobs.  This is for my Slaan team.  All of these models are from the Gaspez Arts "Frog Men" team - and can be see here.

First up, is the coach.

Next up,my Kroxigor.



.. and last, but not least - the Catcher.

So, I've got 1 coach, 1 Kroxigor, 8 Linefrogs, 4 Blitzers, and 4 Catchers.  I was hoping to get them numbers, grassed, and sealed this evening - but my oldest daughter had other ideas...

Who's up for some bloodbowl?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Deathwatch Project. Tech Marine Legs.

I still need to clean them up a little bit - but I'm thinking I like this one.

I was pondering a few ideas while I was driving home the other day - the original plan was to have the two Sgt's on the troop choices be DW and then their squads would be from that chapter...  But I was thinking - what about making the scouts be from the more feral, *ahem* Viking-esque chapters?

It started with just making the sgt a Space Wolf scout - but then what to do for the troopers?  Model them as Inquisitorial Storm Troopers?  All SW's? Crimson Fists? (army is led by Kantor) something else?  That's when I started thinking about it - there's got to be other chapters that don't have scouts starting off...right?