Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2 games in @ 500pts

First up is the setup I did for my 500 point list.  It's Astorath and 2x5 man assault marines with a plasma pistol and the sgt. with a powerfist.  (or - Ark Angel of the Aporkalypse, 2 units of storm boyz with a kustom blasta led by a nob with a power klaw).

This one was vs. Grey Knights.  Highlights of the game include his brotherhood champion dying to a challenge with Astorath and then promptly taking him with him in his special thing that the brotherhood champions do.  Game ended with 2 nobs on the board... and that was it.

This is my game #2.  It's Dave's Grot Revolutionary Army, vs. 2 (now with ForgeWorld!).  2 Units of Grot tanks, 1 unit of killa kans, a 10 grot and a 20 grot unit, all led by a mek with a KFF.  Game ended with 1 Grot Tank and 1 slightly wounded killa kan on the board... and, that was it.  :)

Now, on to my 1000 point build.  I need some objectives.

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