Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Game 2 at 1000 points....

Game two was vs. the Grot Revolution.  His list was:
  • Big Mek w/KFF, Cybork, Eavy Armor
  • 18 Grotz w/Handler
  • 10 Grotz w/Handler
  • 10 Grotz w/Handler
  • 10 Grotz w/Handler
  • 2 Rokkit Grot Tanks
  • 3 Rokkit Grot Tanks
  • 4 Grotzooka Grot Tanks
  • 3 Grotzooka Killa Kanz
  • Grot Mega Tank w/3 Grotzookas, 2 twin linked Kustom Mega Blastas

Big Guns again, this time with the 12" deployment zone.  I setup, roughly midfield so I could go either way with things.  He setup the rokkit grot tanks (two units) on my left and everything else on my right.  18 Grot unit with Mek and one of the 10 grot were on the board, the other two were in reserve.

I sent the Black rage (small) assault squad and predator to the left to take on the tanks and everything else to the right.  Learning fro experience from last time we played, I know that the grotzooka's will hurt (pure wounds and rolling dice) so I knew I needed to get to them early.

The Baal took out the small tank squad on the first turn netting me First Blood and then there was three turns of dancing before I cleaned up that side of the board.  The large assault squad did some passing by stuff on the tanks before hitting the megatank.  Which I destroyed... which meant I was all nice and clumped up for the grotzooka response.  End of that turn and I've got Astorath and a Sang. Priest standing in a pile of dead bodies...  :)

On my next turn, the predator and dread were able to take care of the kans while astorath and sang priest took care of the grots on that side.  Sang Priest and Astorath split up to each take one a 10 grot unit.

The little bastards kept making their moral checks though.  :)

Game ended on Turn 7 with me getting one objective, Linebreaker, First Blood, and Warlord - him having nothing.

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