Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Game 1 at 1000 points...

Line of dooooooooooooooooooo  *cough*... oooooooom

So, escalation league at 1000 points.  Astorath, 10 assault marines with two plasma pistols led by sgt with power fist, 5 assault marines with one plasma pistol led by sgt with power fist, Sanguinary Priest with a power sword and hand flamer, Furioso Librarian, and a Baal predator.

First game was against an 11-man Grey Knight terminator army (2x5 with halberds and a psycannon, 1 sword, justicar with a thunder hammer, led by brother captain with psycannon) and a land raider.

Mission was "Big Guns Never Tire"on a Vanguard Strike layout.

At the cost of 7 assault marines, I wiped him off the board.  Highlights include his Brother Captain charging my dreadnought (only to realize that.. it was a very bad idea)

I send the assault marines around in a classic pincher move; left flank was Astorath, Sang. Priest, and the 10-man "normal" squad - right flank was the 5-man crazy squad, dread, and baal.  Doing that, meant I had FNP on the left flank and a 5+ cover on the right (via the librarian dread).  I went over/around the land raider till the terminators were handled - at which point, some power fist and the dread went to go carve it up.

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