Thursday, August 20, 2009

Got a game in with the wife...

Cora's starting skipping her naps - not consistently, but I think in the last week she's only take like 2 of them. This nap skipping means a few things... Thing one - she get's a little grumpy around 6pm or so. Thing two - it usually means she passes out in like 5 minutes when we put her down for bed. Last night was one of those nights. How is this gaming related you ask? Allow me to illuminate.

It meant that Darby and I had a little extra time - I convinced her to finally try Prison Hammer... errr, Battleground. :)

I let her pick which army she wanted - Orcs, Wood Elves, Lizardmen, or Dwarfs. She choose the lizards, and I grabbed the Orcs. To make things "fair" we used the first 1500-point list that comes in the deck. If you don't know what that means, allow me to explain - Your Move Games (the makers of Battleground) did a very smart thing: The starter deck has two lists, premade in the box... the idea being you buy one $15 box, you build one of the decks, your friend builds the other (from the same box) and you guys play. You've now got an idea of how to play the game, and then your friend goes out and buys a box... it's like cardboard crack. :)

Anyway, so Darby and I played a 1500 point game. It went well. We called it before everything was dead, but it was getting interesting. I had lost a bit, she had lost a bit... I think she would have destroyed me in a few more turns. I think she likes the game - we just have to try again one of these days when she's not as tired. :)


  1. Might I suggest a new strategy: let the Squig win . . .

  2. I can't help it if she rolls a 14 (when she needs a 12 or less) and then burns a re-roll to make the target a 13... and rolls a 15. The Ancients *really* didn't want to finish beating up on the Trolls. :)

  3. Cool! One more person to whoop my @$$ at Kubla!

  4. Celestial Guard and Healer Mage for the win!

  5. Another one for Manny:

    "ah-AH-ah-aaaah . . ."
    (erase a damage box)

  6. "Cardboard crack" -- that had me busting up.