Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nope, I'm not dead...

Just sleeping. Or, well... not even that really.

Right, so the summer of summerness is moving right along.

Darby's got one Dwarf BB team done that's going up on eBay, pictures (and link) probably tomorrow (you know, after I actually take the damn things).

This weekend was one of the "planned" weeekends - it was supposed to just be homemade sushi and Battlestar (the board game) today, but the wife planned our next weekend (which was supposed to be a gamer commute weekend), so today because both a sushi/BSG and a gamer commute weekend.

Played the Dwarf team (gotta give it a good game before it get's shipped off to east BFE... ), played against a Chaos Dwarf team. Actually scored... twice. This one though, the dice were against me. First turn, furst block (with a slayer) "Skull" burn one of two re-rolls... "Skull". Right - I know how this game is going to go. From there it was a battle of the inept, it became a contest to see who could mess up the least... turned out to be me.

Drove home, helped in sushi prep and then 4 of Darby's friends came over, we ate lots of sushi and then I introduced them all to BSG. First game took 3.5 hours (a bit long for 6-players, but not bad considering Darby and I had two games under our belt from like April/May, and the other 4 had never played). Humans win... just barely. Skill test to force a jump prep (a failure would have been a loss of population - which would have put it to zero) then jump - I'm playing Helo as the Admiral, and pick the 2 destination card - which is a loose morale and a raptor.

Now, if that last paragraph didn't make anysense... look back through my old posts on BSG - or go to Fantasy Flight Games home page and look it up. It's a *fun* game (and no, you don't have to know the show for it to make sense).

That is all. More pictures early this week, I promise.


  1. I picked up the game to teach some of Mer's friend's how to play. We never got to really do more than walk through a turn, but its fun. I really want to play it now.

  2. Now I want to play too. Maybe we'll bring ours down for the wedding!

  3. Glad you're not dead... but sleeping and "that other thing" are perfectly acceptable! After that paragraph, though, you lost me. :)