Sunday, August 23, 2009

What I've been working on...

Picked up a box of Dark Elf Black Ark Corsairs to use as the base of my Blood Bowl DE team. Here's one of the runners I built from it:

The entire team has "brass knuckles" - basically the hilt of their swords... but come on, if anyone would do it, the Dark Elf's would, ya?

Here's the Blitzers:

This week I also picked up a box set of the Ork Stormboyz. Man, do I wish I had built these guys before I built the bikers. There's 10 heads in a box of 5 guys. 10 Really cool heads. :)

And the bitz in the kit just kick ass... I built this to be used as a messenger, objective, wound counter... dunno exactly yet. As I was cleaning up the sprues after building the 5 guys I noticed that the part of the rocket pack fit perfectly on the little guy.

I'm planning on getting 3 more boxes of Stormboyz, so I'll have 3 more of them...


  1. Looks nice. I really like the brass knucks. It's a simple thing but it does add a lot of character.

  2. Those'll look great! I'm not a fan of the right blitzer's left hand, it looks like he's holding the hilt of a sword, not brass knuckles. I vote for clipping the top and bottom and leave it a fist. If there's a spikey hand-guard you can get away with the brass knuckles and it looks great.

    Good to know about the storm boys... -steeples fingers-

  3. They look awesome. I may have to steal this idea.