Saturday, August 29, 2009

Strange, late-night BSG game

I've got friends getting married.... today (in 7 hours, actually). Last night everyone and their monkeys were over at the rental house (marriage is happening 300 miles away from where they live and 600 miles away from where I live) for a shindig - the "boyz" busted out some BSG. Got a 5 player game in. Very strange happenings.

I knew who one of the two Cylon's were from like turn 2, but didn't reveal in case I pulled the other "You are a Cylon" card at the "Sleeper Agent Phase" (again, if these things make no sense to you - you need to pick up this game, it's great) - that was gained through a crisis card that allows the President (me) to look at one random loyalty card... hey, lookie here, one random of one...

After the Sleeper Agent Phase, I used Baltar's once per game to look at all the cards of another player, realized he wasn't the Cylon I thought he was and did the whole "huh - who's the Cylon?"

After the Cylon revealed (in the brig, so no bonuses) he did the "resurrection ship" location to pass his other loyalty card to me. Guess what, I'm actually the second Cylon. I was able to do a reasonably good job of hindering without letting on. I had the guy who I thought might be the other Cyclon about "80-90 percent sure you're human."

I didn't get to reveal because the Cyclon played his Super Crisis, put a crap ton of ships on the board (like I think one quadrant had 11 raiders) and then attacked the perfect ships to bring the population down to below "0" (two of those civilian ships have 2 population... he found both of them).

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  1. Hope the wedding turned out beaufully. It rained off and on in PDX today (which is supposed to be a good omen on your wedding day, btw). Tell R and his lady "congrats" from me. :)