Thursday, September 3, 2009

Picture pages, picture pages, get your picture, pictures pages...

I promised pictures of the Dwarf team for Bloodbowl that the wife unit painted up. Truth be told, she build most of it too. Anywho, it's up on ebay currently (my part of the proceeds goes towards me buying the BB video game... :) which I've been informed I have to share - does playing it still count as gaming?).





The whole team:.

Slayers - I didn't have the heart to take their weapons away from them:

Runners - as evident by the winged helmets and the white guy shuffle:

Blitzers - Players with "Dodge" get trapped in their cloaks:

Linemen (Line Dwarfs? Line Dwarves?):

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  1. I already said it to Darbs, but its worth saying again: really nice job. I especially like the beards on the line-dwarfs.