Friday, September 25, 2009

Tournament prep...

Got most things packed up for the couples... errrr, *team* tournament tomorrow.  I'll try to send short updates throughout the day with some pictures. :)  In theory, the whole event is supposed to be a painted only kinda thing.


  1. Plan: (n)
    1) List of things that doesn't happen.
    2) Existential proof that your higher being finds your frustration funny.
    3) Job security for psychiatrists.

    This is more... of a "guideline"...

  2. Trent, did you steal Corey's additional definitions of "plan"? LOL!

  3. You're playing orks, the plan is to hit the big red button and dakka or chop anyfing in yer way!

    (Funny enough, word verification for this post was "smshn")

  4. AL - nope, that's the combined definition that we came up with. Since I'm not Catholic, I tweaked it a little more.

    RC - Red onez goez fasta...