Sunday, September 20, 2009

The games are much better when both armies are painted... you know?

Got to play against someone's brand new DKOK* army. 1500 points, Dawn of War, Capture and Control. My army was an Avatar, 1x6 WG, 2x10 WG, 3 walkers with scatter lasers and 5 dark reapers. His was (from memory); Command with vox (which he forgot till the middle of his next game), banner and 2 grenade launchers, Storm Troopers, 1 squad of Vets, a Platoon with 3 Inf squads and a LC and AC squad, LRMBT, and LR demolisher.

I abandoned my objective, knowing that if I committed one of my Troops to claiming it I could really short myself (400 points to be exact) to play for a tie.

His use of orders helped a lot - the re-roll of cover save is harsh against the Concealed WG. Twin-linking against the Avatar put it in the red before it made combat - took a inf platoon and command squad 3 turns to take that last wound from it though. :)

It was a bloody, 7-turn game. At the end, I had my 5 dark reapers in one corner and 1 WG with a spirit seer sitting on his objective. He had 1 AC team, 7 inf, and 3 of his command squad too far away to do anything.

It was a *good* game.


*DKOK = Death Korps of Krieg, a beautiful (and expensive) resin Imperial Guard army done by by Forgeworld. See link here.


  1. Sounds like a tough match... from the title I was expecting to see some kind of editorial on painted vs non-painted forces.

  2. I'd read that editorial! Good pics though and I'm glad you're getting games in. Do you think the vox caster is worth the points? I played a game last night borrowing some of Roy's figures and there was once where it would have been really nice for a squad to pass its test for the orders.

  3. Vox - i dunno. He forgot he had them till the end of his second game, 2 turns after he failed the orders. It never came up. It seems to me to be something that's not too expensive for what it does - when you *really* need that order to go off...