Saturday, September 26, 2009

BFG* for the Win!

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm lousy at remembering to take pictures during the games.  All's I have are these two from the first game:

Scot's turn 5 deepstrke and assault with Boss Zagstruk and da Vulta Boyz (it didn't end well for the deffkopas)

Tye's Bloodthirster (yes, it's blue - got a problem with that?) checking out his new ride, trying to figure out if he can fix it to make a pimpin' ride.  :)

Right.  So my army was Wazdakka, 2 x bikerz (3 plus nob with a 'uge choppa), and 2 deffkoptas with Kustom Mega Blastas (reasonably useless today).  Tye's was a Bloodthirster with some upgrades, 3 nurglings, 3 Bloodcrushers, and a nekkid daemon prince.  Hence the team name:  "Beardy Fat Gits."

Game 1, vs Orks/Orks.  Run forward kill stuff.  Orks die.  Zagstruk and krew wait till turn 5 to come in (their turn 4 was just rolling for reserves).  Game over.  We win.

Game 2, vs. Imperial Guard and Tau.  Run forward and kill stuff.  End of turn 4, only the drones from one of the devilfish was still around.  It was a kill point mission so the guard player combined his 4 squads into one... then got charged by the 'thirster who killed more, broke them, and ran them down.   It did take till turn 6 to kill the last drones.  We win.

Game 3, vs. Space Marines and Tau.  Highlight of the game - Wazdakka charges into a squad of terminators who were wrestling with nurglings (termi player wasn't rolling well).  Completely whiffed... broke, and ran away.  It took another two turns to wipe them off the table.  We win.

End of the day, after some math-fu corrections...

Which, really was overall.   :) 


  1. Well done! The magic's still there. How was it playing in pairs?

  2. It was good. There were a lot of veteran player / new player teams (a few were father and sons, one husband and wife). Most of the teams had some decent synergy going - Tyranid and Tau, UltraMarine and Tau, Ork and Daemons... well, that was just chompy. :)