Wednesday, May 25, 2011

30 hours till departure... let the coutdown begin.

Box containing Ork army, dice, bloodbowl team, and about a ream of paper are currently (according to FedEx's webpage) "At FedEx Destination Facility."

The kids' bags are packed.

The wife's bag is mostly packed

My bag... is empty (I'll get to it..)

The one tray of models that didn't fit in the army transports, binder o' stuff, templates, tape, BB dice, and PrisonHammer deck are going with me...

Expect more post over the weekend from the phone...



  1. HAVE A GREAT TIME (without me... sniff, sniff)!

  2. I wish good travels to minis, may they stay safe. Haha.

  3. Report from the front - deff kopta's saw some damage from the great FedEx beast... but, I believe that Reconnoiter is an old french word that mean "take the bullet so your friends don't have to." :)