Monday, May 2, 2011

Another one down...

Kickoff Table:

2) Purple Demon: One of the great metal doors inside the endzones opens to reveal a purple demons with four arms ending in wicked looking claws. Place a model representing the monster in the middle of a random endzone. The monster has Mv 7, Str 4, Agi 3, Av 8 and the following skills: Claws, Stab.
It activates each one of the receiving player’s turns, before any other models. If it starts a turn adjacent to a standing model, the monster will attack with its Stab & Claws skill. Otherwise it will Blitz the nearest standing model and Stab them. If the monster is adjacent to multiple models or equally distant to multiple models, choose randomly which is blocked/Blitzed. The monster is removed at the end of the drive.

Astartes Bowl.  That's one of the kick-off table results.  This is the "Purple Demon" (apologies for the quality of the pic...)

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