Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday's game report

Sunday I played catch-up for one of the league guys - giving him his 750 point game.  It was against a nicely done Space Marine army.  From memory - Librarian, scout squad of 5 (sniper and heavy bolter), 5 scouts in a storm, land raider, and a tactical squad... I think.  The battle was a little of a blur... let's just say the dice and I had a falling out.  :)

Second game was a 1000 pointer against a mirror'd net list (no offense there Clayton...).  2x Daemon Princes with Mark of Slaanesh, wings, and Lash of Submission, 2x5 Plague Marines in Rhino's with 2 plasma guns each, and 2 defilers built for close combat.  Wazdakka, Big Mek, 4 squads of bikers (4 + power claw, 3 + 'uge choppa, 3 + 'uge choppa, and 2 + power klaw), 2 rokkit deff koptas and 2 kustom mega blastas).

It was Dawn of War with 2 objectives.  We both started all off the board, I turbo-boosted everything on first turn, knowing that I would be taking the lash and 2 battle cannon shots on the first turn.  I concentrated on the daemon princes first turn, then the defilers, then the plague marines.  In email discussion several hours after the battle - I'm told Wazdakka took a defiler fist to the head after taking two wounds killing a daemon prince (which would be insta-death), but I don't remember it... 

At worst it would have delayed the inevitable (see the pictures below) - but Clayton says he wants a rematch.

Right.  On to the pictures.

This would be while he was taking his first turn.  All of that is turbo boosted orks (except for the mek).

Ork's eye view of the battle

After the 4th turn...

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Deathwatch Project

So, maybe it was from re-reading the Deathwatch book from Fantasy Flight Games.  Maybe it was a something that been running around my head for a while.... I dunno.  Anyway, I have this idea for a full Deathwatch army running around in my head.  I'm trying to see it as a building project.  The 2000 point list is (currently):
Master of the Forge with a Conversion Beamer and Thunderhammer
7 Sternguard w 2/meltas in a drop pod
7 Sternguard w 2/missiles in a drop pod
8 Sternguard w 2/multimeltas in a drop pod
10 Scouts with snipers, camo cloaks, and heavy bolter
10 Tactical Marines, missle, plasma n a drop pod
5 Vanguard, kitted for combat
and a Thunderfire Cannon... wait for it.. in a drop pod.

There's no plan for a tournament, no deadline - just building things when the mood/inspiration strikes.  To that end.  I give you some of the first WIP shots of the Master of the Forge.

I've been pondering the paint scheme.  Deathwatch marines are supposed to be all black, except for the silver of the right arm, and the shoulder pad of the marine's host chapter on the left side.  I've been pondering that - I think I came up with a paint scheme that I like, and that I can get my wife to do for me.  :)

Current plan is right arm black, silver DW shoulderpad, and then paint the rest of the armor in the chapter colors.  That's for the Sternguard, Vanguard, Techmarines, Kantor, and the sgt's.  The two squads will be all painted the chapter of the sgt. that leads them.

I'll post pictures randomly as I'm working on things.

I promise.

No, really - I will.

Anyway, I'll be bringing 1000 points of Wazdakka for the escalation this sunday.... So, I should have some pictures and battles.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Got a second game in today...

Well, to be fair - this game was before the other game... but whatever.

Played my 750 Escalation along with another guys 750 Imperial Grots (yeah, you heard that right - it's a rebel grot army) vs. a 1500 mech heavy imperial guard.

Turn 2 went badly for the mech IG.  There was lots of tanks going *boom* that turn... none of them mine.

What this picture doesn't show is the Leman Russ Punisher that was just there...  :)

That's all for now...  hopefully I can get some time off from work to get some more posts up.  I've got a friends way OOP resin Eldar stuff to go on ebay, as well as a few blood bowl teams.  Le Sigh.

Wazdakka - week 2

I played against Eric's Blood Angels of doom.  The doom was more the Eldar kind of "nothing good will happen".  Although it was me dishing out the doom.

We had two objectives in Dawn of War deployment, I got both of the objectives at the end of turn 6.  His army (10 man tac, 10 man assault, chaplain, and Baal predator) was wiped out to the loss of 3 deff koptas, 4 bikes, 1 nob, mek, and Wazdakka.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pictures of the "horde"

First up.  The big Ork himself.

Next is the Mek with 'eavy armour, cybork body, shokk attack gun.

Next are the two nobs, one with the power klaw and one with the 'uge choppa.

And lastly are the dekk koptas - kustom mega blasta and rokkit launcha.

This weekend we go to 750 points.  Which consists of Wazdakka, the big mek, 4 deff koptas (two of each kit out), and 9 warbikers (those two nobs and 7 boyz split between them).  I need to repair the nob with the power klaw's model - he's supposed to have a boss pole - but it broke last time I played.  I also need to get the deff koptas onto flying stands - I'm going to use Back2Base-IX's magnetic flying stands (really cool if you haven't seen them - go look here.)

For 1000 points (last weekend of January), the biker count increases (adding a third unit).  I'm not going to base them till I've got the whole army in my hands... then I need to figure out how to transport them - those GF9 magnetic bases don't really fit in Army Transport foam well (even custom laser cut ones)... I might have to branch out for this one.  :)  I did see this the other day, that gives me some ideas - I might have to use BF's tray creator to see if the GW trays will work better for me.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wazdakka's battles from today...

"Skabgrod, yous goes dat way, Skumgrot stick whiff me. We's gunna show dees beakies a thing about krumpin on bikez!"

So, we're doing an escalation league at the F(ns)LGS.  Starting at 500 pts, then adding 250 points per two week - ending at 1500.  This was today's battles.  At 500 points, I've got Wazdakka, 2 units of biker boyz (3) with a nob (one power klaw and one 'uge choppa) and a rokkit deff kopta.

Game 0 was a intra team BFG biker fight. Tye and I played a game, and a "lucky" shot took out his bike squad, and immobilized his vindicator (facing the wrong way to hit me). When his captain on a bike tried to catch Wazdakka's power fist... Well, the word "splat" comes to mind. :)

Game 1 was Annihilation with spearhead deployment against the Tyco's Blood Ravens. There was lots of damaging vehicles, but not a lot of destroying vehicles. Tyco managed to wound Wazdakka and kill all the bikerz, to my destroying his predator, killing the librarian, and taking all the weapons off his vindicator and rhino... 2-2 kill points. Tie.

After a hearty meal of meat and bread, I had a Capture and Control, Spearhead against Carl's Marines. I was able to dispatch his tech marine in reasonably short order, the scouts and marines took a little longer, but his Rhino.... his Rhino survived against three turns of shooting and combat from a deff kopta and a bikerz squad led by a nob with a 'uge choppa... and two turns of Wazdakka's special sauce. And then, just barely getting the required "5" to destroy it (lots of 1's and 2's for damage results). Win for da boyz.

"Aye, yous lot! Yur whiff us next time. Gobstuf telz me he's got sumfin new to show me!"